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Mrs. Quack

Mrs. Quack in "Quackarazzi"

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Mrs. Quack in "Quackarazzi"
Mrs. Quack Ch01: "Ryder Rabbit meets Mrs. Quack"
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Happy Independence Day America!

Special shout-out to all our friends in the ...

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On July 1 we're celebrating Canada Day!

Being in Canada, Kidoons Network is ...

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Meet Mrs. Quack Mrs. Quack has suffered a few misfortunes. Ryder Rabbit, Jerry Muskrat, and the other animals of the Green Forest band together to help her find a safe place to live and to locate the missing Mr. Quack. Inspired by the works of groundbreaking environmentalist children's book writer Thornton Burgess, these stories, games, educational materials teach kids about the ducks living in ponds, lakes and other wetland environments in a near-boreal region.

Mrs. Quack lives with her animal friends in the world of Animazia: the amazing story of animals.